Dives are executed in shallow waters ranging from 5 to 39 metres in depth. The best diving in our region is done mainly at depths between 17 to 25 metres. Diving spots, which are decided upon and choosen by the guests using our services, are also determined by both underwater visibility and weather conditions.



Diving excursions, which originate from the coastline near the Diving Center, are also possible. The maximum depth is 12 metres, they do serve quite satisfactorily for various forms of practice, checking equipment, and scuba diving for the first time in open sea, just to name a few of the positive qualities offered by this possibility.


A part of the Dive Center in BLUE LAGOON DIVING there is a diving School where you can quickly, easily and simply learn to dive, or improve on your diving skills and knowledge of recreational and professional diving.

Professional instructors with SSI – SCUBA SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL license will help you through each stage of the courses, in a safe and fun environment so that you can meet the fascinating underwater world. At the diving school you can, depending on your ability and wishes participate in a number of different courses available with SSI – SCUBA SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL and CMAS.

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• Diving partners, for those divers who have come alone, will be determined on board the boat at the time of diving.
• The leader of the dive will give a short "briefing" before the dive, in order to inform the divers about basic facts and characteristics of their diving location: depth, current, water temperature, configuration of the sea bottom and similar important information.
• The boat is anchored during the course of the dive.
• All descents are made alongside the anchor chain. By rule - if it is located - all ascents are also made with the assistance of the anchor chain.
• Diving takes place under strict conditions based on safety. Each diver must individually plan their own dive, that is pay attention to oxygen levels and diving time.
• The Diving Center offer the service of leading divers into the sea.

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